Designing a deck is alot of fun. You should determine the amount of room you need for your chairs, tables, grill, and any other items that you might put out on the deck, such as pool items. The deck needs to be strong enough to support the weight.


Deck New Hampshire

If you plan to put a jacuzzi on the deck, then you need extra support for that weight. All decks are made with Pressure Treated lumber as the frame work. The part you see is the decking material and the railings. There are many types of materials for these two items. The most popular decking material is composite, which is part wood and part plastic. Correct Deck and Trexx are two such materials that come in a variety of colors and should last a very long time. For real wood decking, there are also many choices such as cedar, mahogany, exotic hardwoods, and pressure treated.


Deck New Hampshire


Railings are important for strength as well as looks. Vinyl is final and looks great, it can really add beauty and integrity to any deck, but is the most expensive. Pressure treated, not so nice. It will splinter and warp. Cedar is a great looking choice. There is also composite railing materials that can match decking materials in color. We recommend that you investigate the options first, then call us for a final estimate.


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